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Non-compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and other areas of importance is detrimental to the success of any company.

Regulations demand that companies who work in healthcare, with payment processing, or with other data points, have to comply to maintain a set of standards that ensure that businesses protect their clients.

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HIPAA compliance specifically applies to healthcare providers, and agencies that provide any form of healthcare. We work with these businesses to ensure that their data storage and network infrastructure is secure to ensure compliance with HIPAA.

PCI compliance pertains to payment card industry data security standards, and helps to prevent fraud, while keeping client financial information protected. We work with you to make sure all financial data is confidential and protected.

There are various other types of technical compliance that are also imperative to maintain for every business type. With Rely, you’ll have the best in compliance consulting to meet your needs.

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HIPAA Compliance – Protected health information (PHI) refers to any information about a client that identifies their name, address, contact information, social security number, medical records, financial information, and other sources of personal identification. Work with us to ensure that your client’s PHI is secure and that your company is in compliance with current HIPAA regulations.

PCI Compliance – The operational and technical standards that support payment card industry compliance are processes and procedures that organizations should follow in order to protect and secure payment data via credit and debit cards that are provided by their clients and customers. We ensure that all payment processes and technology meet PCI compliance standards – offering best-in-class protection for your client information.

Software Security Compliance – Ensure that your organization is within compliance with the minimum security required to manage and maintain confidential networks and information. Work with our team to structure and set up a clear set of technical processes to help defend your company’s information, and ensure that your organization is aware of how to properly protect the integrity of its internal systems.

Software Licensing Compliance – Companies typically possess numerous software licenses and often aren’t always aware of the agreements that govern the use of the licenses and also how it’s distributed within an organization. It’s imperative that every company stays within the legal parameters of what their licensing agreements require to prevent the licenses from being used improperly and your organization being held accountable.