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Work environments need to be fully operational from either a dedicated office space, or within the space of your employee’s living room.

The demand for both onsite and remote tech services is on the rise and Rely Technology is here to help.

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With any new product onboarding, it’s essential to have a strategy that supports both functionality and proper adoption.

It’s important to know that your onsite and remote tech services providers are knowledgeable about the best solutions for every type of work environment.

When you work with certified implementation teams like those at Rely, you know that your business is safe and in the best possible hands.

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Special Projects (I.T. Consulting) – Many times, companies have special projects that require complex solutions, but often aren’t sure of how to find a single solution provider to support their initiatives. Work with our exclusive provider network and expert technician teams who are ready to meet you on or off-site to help accomplish your goals.

PC Checkups and Repair – Hardware and software can expire or become out of date quickly. That’s why making sure that your company’s PCs are up to date and running the most recent versions of their internal operating and supportive programs is critical. Schedule PC checkups and repairs for your team and make sure that your systems are always operational.

Wi-Fi and Network Support – Our Wi-Fi and Network Support solutions offer the best products available to support your infrastructure with clear connectivity and communications that help your organization work towards its shared goals, effectively. Work with us, and we’ll explain what the best solutions are for your WiFi and Network Support requirements.

Audio/Video Solutions – Implement and maintain audio and video solutions that support a safe and secure office or remote environment. Whether your team requires assistance holding a global webinar, or if they’re trying to make the most out of existing equipment to help meet project deadlines, we will work directly with them no matter their location.

Paperless Dental Office Assistance – Properly using electronic health records (EHRs) in a safe and efficient manner helps dental offices provide the direct care required to help their clients while making their experience seamless and their data secure. Use custom software to modernize your company’s patient and record-keeping experience, while supporting high-quality data retention.

Electronic Medical Records Assistance – Maintain productivity and support excellent medical record keeping with electronic medical records assistance from our onsite and remote tech services team. We’ll come to you or work remotely with you to ensure that your records are secure, accurate, and always available to support a productive and efficient office and client experience.